Friday, May 28, 2010

Making Butter

Here is the gallon of raw whole milk I bought
from the Dungeness Valley Creamery.
(All Jersey Milk)
The cream is at the top 3 inches of the jar.
I spooned off the cream into a 1 quart canning jar,
placed on a lid, and let 'ripen' for a couple of hours.
(I would have just set it on the counter, but we went for a visit
to Farmer's Daughter #1 two hours away, so
it rode in the car with us.) The granddaughters love butter!
Their Momma says they lick the butter off their bread and ask for more!
I thought they might enjoy some fresh, homemade butter!

We shook the jar of cream for approximately 30 minutes.
(The Gentleman Farmer, grandaughters and I took turns)
After about 25 minutes, the cream started to thicken a bit
and collect alittle on the sides of the jar.
Keep shaking!
Then suddenly there was a golden lump forming in the
sea of cream!
I poured the 'buttermilk' into a separate jar, and put the
butter into a bowl of cold fresh water. I pressed the butter with
a large spoon to remove more of the buttermilk, changing the water
a couple of times until it was clear.

Then I put the butter into another bowl and added
sea salt to taste.
It was covered with waxed paper and put into the
refridgerator to be slathered onto the morning's

It made a little more than 1/2 cup of delicious, sweet cream butter!