Sunday, February 26, 2012

A quick lunch with ties to the past

My Grandma was ahead of her time! Back when I was a child, she would fix this for a quick lunch that seemed oh so special to me.  Kids love this sort of thing, and I still adore it today! Top Ramen wasn't even invented yet! (My kids would say, China and Chinese Food wasn't invented yet when I was a kid! :~O ) Good thing about the ramen ~ this is way better .
Here is her 'recipe'!
1 can Campbell's Beef Consomme Soup
1/2 package of Red Rose Gourmet Chinese Egg Noodles(found in the Asian Isle of the grocery store)
Chopped Green Onion

Mix soup according to directions on can ~ (one can water to dilute)
Heat consomme to gentle boil and add noodles.
Cook till soft.
Serve with topping of chopped green onion (and any other additions
as you would ramen soup ~ leftover bits of vegetables and meat or fish, but
I prefer it simple ~ just the way Grandma made it!)