Monday, August 22, 2011

It's time for Mulligan!

At the peek of harvest time in the garden, my Grandmother used to make a creamy, vegetable chowder that she called Mulligan. We waited all year for this delicious soup no matter what the temperatures were outside. My Grandfather used to say it was good to eat hot soup on a hot day. After your tummy was full of good hot soup, you could go outside and the temperature would feel cooler.

Grandma never followed a recipe but just added 'a bunch' of this and a 'handful' of that, so these are general directions as when I make this I don't measure either. This 'recipe' is like making 'Creamed Peas and Potatoes' so if you have ever made that, you won't have any problem making this. It goes something like this ~
Scrub and cut up however many potatoes (we like new potatoes here) that you like ~ red or white, with or without the skins. Cut up some fresh garden carrots into nice bite sized pieces and add to the pot. Throw in one (or two) big handfuls of fresh green beans. Just cover with water and cook until almost tender. Add fresh or frozen petite peas. Cook just a minute to heat peas.
Pour off most of the water and add milk to barely cover vegetables. Heat slowly as the milk is easily scorched. Make a thickener of flour and milk and add to vegetables. I like to add some 'Superiour Touch Better than Bouillon' chicken flavor.
Season with salt and pepper.
Soooo good!


LDH said...

Your Mulligan soup looks soooo good! Delicious!

Candy C. said...

Mmmm...looks good! I love making soup! :)

Kathi said...

Your soup looks quite tasty. I've heard of Mulligan stew, but have never made it. We are harvesting right now so I shall try it. Thank you for the recipe. Kathi

Gina said...

Gosh, Raeann! That looks delicious and simple! My favorite kind of recipe! :)


Please stop by as I have a special announcement.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Lady Farmer,

Mmm, potatoes and peas! We love soup, too, hot or cold. I always thought that Mulligan Stew had "greasy, grimy gopher guts" in it, but now I see I was wrong. ;)



Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

Yum that soup does indeed look like it would be deliciously warming on a cold day. I like a variety of soups so I will keep this one in mind. Thanks. Shannon

Illinois Lori said...

Hello, Lady Farmer! I linked here from Maria's blog...what fun I am having! It'll take me a while to visit all your blogs, but I thought I'd start with the cooking page :-)

I am only a "FarmGirl@Heart" since I live in the Chicago super-suburbs, but I am raising a farmer (he's going to graduate with his Assoc. degree in May) who is going the 100% grassfed organic lamb route, and it's been a blessing discovering the wonderful world of home-grown, home-cooked, home-made!

Nice to "meet" you today, I'll be by again, no doubt!
Lori (aka IllinoisLori)