Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sourdough Day 2

Here it is, only day 2 and I fear I may have a catastrophe already!
From what I have been reading, 'they' say it is really hard to kill
your starter for sourdough. The only danger is too much heat!
It was very cold in our house yesterday, and I was grousing around
about needing to keep the house warm for my starter.
Gentleman Farmer kindly obliged by stoking up the fire.
I went to bed and vaguely remember him saying something
about moving the starter to where it was warmer.
I slept fitfully during the night as I grew too warm.
When I got up, dear hubby said to check the fire
so the starter would stay warm. Too my surprise ( and dismay!)
he had placed the jar with the starter about 4 feet in front of the fire
'So it would stay warm'! (Bless his heart) I think that was a
little too warm ~ but since it is only the first 24 hours I am going to
continue on as if nothing has happened!
This is what it looked like ~
flour with water on the top!

Stir to incorporate liquid

Discard 1/2 of the starer

Feed the Starter;
1/2 C. Warm Water and 1/2 C. Flour

Stir and cover (remember ~ cloth or loose fitting lid.)
Do this every day for 3-4 days or until bubbly/frothy.
(Don't sit it in front of the fire!)
Keep in a warm (70*-80*) place.
See you again, tomorrow!


Christa said...

Hi Lady Farmer,
I just checked on my starter and it looks good, I think. It has a few bubbles going on. We have very cold weather here as well, so I placed mine on our extra upright freezer in the laundry room. I think it was just the right temperature.
I'll check in again tomorrow.


Nadine said...

At least he was trying to help! :)