Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sourdough Day 3

Sorry this post is so late, but we have been gone visiting
grand babies (and their parents) today.
OK ~ so the starter was looking a little scary this morning!

(Below) See that yellow line of liquid?
It's a good thing!
It's called Hooch!
If you have it, that means the stuff is starting to ferment!

Just give it a stir!

Remove 1/2 of the starter and discard, like yesterday,
and feed it another 1/2 C. of warm water
and 1/2 C. of flour.
Give it another stir.

It is really starting to bubble
so I am going to refrigerate it now,
with a loose lid.
I will only need to feed it once a week.

I think I may have to try making bread with it tomorrow!
How is your starter doing?


Miss Jen said...

Lovely~ Lady Farmer!!
Thank you for giving us this
marvelous lesson on sourdough

Many Blessings & Hugs~ Miss Jen

Christa said...

Oh my dear! I walked into the laundry room yesterday and PHEW! There was an aweful smell. Low and behold, it was the starter. I think it got too warm on top of my freezer and it went bad.
I think I will start over and just keep it on the kitchen sink. I'll let you know how it works that way.
I'm glad yours is working. Please keep us posted on how your bread turns out. :)
I'm determined to have sour dough bread!


TJ said...

I have tried to make starter before, and I confess I've never managed to do it right. But, I'm not a big fan of sourdough, so I've never been too upset.

Hope you enjoyed those grandbabies!

vicki said...

Your blog is lovely - I love all of your recipes. Makes me wish I had some of that starter for bread right now - is one of my favorites! I am going to be your newest follower - I realy do enjoy your blog!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love your comments about the vintage gift tags. Totally love the lamp idea----


Faith said...

did I give you this address? This is the correct one, for some reason
I cannot remember what I gave you....I've been at work for 8 hours and it 12:45 am...