Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sourdough Starter

Recently, while Youngest Farmers Daughter and her
hubby were with us over the holidays,
we discovered that his favorite bread is sourdough!
And we did find a very yummy brand at the store that had
lots of garlic in it which we all loved! :~P
I like to make bread (with varied degrees of sucess!) and
thought I would like to make some sourdough.
( My only experience with the fermented loaf making was several years ago
when I was given a 'starter' for 'Herman'. I didn't like it!
It was not my idea of bread ~ but more of a 'past it's prime' sweet bread!)
After a wee bit of research, this is what I have come up with.
I don't know what the outcome will be,
but, come along with me as I experiment with
this age old process of making
sourdough starter!
Sourdough starter needs to have a wide mouth
glass container to grow in.
(Crockery may be used, but I understand that
it is best when you can see the process.)
Below: 1 gallon jar that has been
washed and scalded with boiling water.
(We don't want any 'uninvited guests' contaminating
our home for our welcomed Wild Yeast family!)
Using only glass, plastic or wooden utensils (metal has adverse effects on the
fermenting process), measure
1 cup warm water
1 cup unbleached flour

Pour into sterilized container and stir with wooden spoon.
Some lumps are ok ~ they will break down later.

Cover with loose fitting top or cloth (permits the wild yeast to colonize
and prevents a messy explosion from build up of fermenting gases!)
Keep in a warm place (70* - 80*) for 24 hours.

Come back tomorrow as we continue our
experiment with making a sourdough starter!

I would love to have you 'grow' a starter along with me!
Please let me know if you do!


Nadine said...

How wonderful!
My friend gave me a recipe for starter, but I have yet to make it. We do like sourdough at our house - yummy! Hope it works out well!


Christa said...

Count me in! However, can I use a 1/2 gallon jar?
We love sour dough bread, but since moving to Tennessee from California, we are having a hard time finding sour dough bread in the stores. This will be a good experiment to see if the climate has something to do with it.


LDH said...

I am excited to see your results! A few months ago, another blogger gave me detailed instructions for makeing a starter. I am embarrassed to tell her what a mess I made. Even though she warmed to use a large container which I thought I was doing... it erupted all over the place. I tried again and initially it did very well but after a week or so it just seemed flat and rather smelly. I haven't tried again.

I'll be checking in to see how yours does.

Kindly, ldh

Camille said...

Oh yes! I would love to do a sourdough starter too...I wonder if it will work! :)

Thanks for spurring us on in these culinary pursuits!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I'm a-scairt of sourdough...lol...gosh yeast are landing all over us at all times, I guess...

Kelley said...

I'll grow a starter with you *Ü*
I have tried several and none really seem all that sour to me but maybe I should let it ferment longer...
I'll start mine tomorrow!

Sharon said...

Oh Lady Farmer,

How yummy!!! Last year I had a sourdough starter going and made all kinds of breads and goodies with it. Our favorite was Sourdough English Muffins :)

I look forward to seeing your adventures in sourdough :)


The Watts Family said...

Wow Good luck we used to eat much sourdough when we lived in Alaska it was very popular up there! But then that was before I knew I was allergic to gluten. I will have to see if there is one for a gluten free recipe. I hope it goes well and you all enjoy yummy fresh sourdough bread. Thanks for sharing I hope your having a very blessed day indeed!! ~Blessings Heather

Faith said...

Somewhere, I was parusing around the blogosphere, and I ran across a place to get some free starter from a place in San Fransisco. I will put the link here for you. I received the started and have some in the fridge all the time now. San Fransisco is known for their sourdough..here is the link...he gives you directions, and email in case you have any questions or need help, both of which I did.
here is the link...have fun....


Faith said...

You are most welcome. There is also a free manual at that site which will answer alot of your questions, and Old Salty will help too. I have had mine 5-6 months. I have not perfected the sourdough loaf YET, but am having fun trying. We like the texture of the sourdough bread...have fun and experiment...glad to be of help...somebody helped me, I help you..that makes it all work out just fine...keep in touch and let me know...